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While there are now dozens of orchid vendors online, the following orchid vendors, in our experience, are knowledgeable, offer an excellent selection of quality orchid plants, good value, and a first-rate packing job.
cattleya orchids
Standard cattleys can produce stunning flowers...if you have enough room and light.

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Below is a list of recommended orchid vendors. This is for information only-we are not guaranteeing your satisfaction, or the quality of plants you will receive from any of these vendors. We have no relationship with the vendors listed below other than being satisfied consumers. No vendor can request to be on our list, nor are they required to link to our site. We do not receive any compensation for vendors for listing them here. There are of course many orchid vendors whom we have not purchased orchids from, but who may also be very reputable. Read our full disclaimer .


  Andy's Orchids    - A wide range of  cool, intermediate, and warm growing species are offered. Most epiphytic orchids offered are grown mounted on slabs or sticks, as in nature.  Be sure to check before you order especially if you are growing indoors!  Frequent update of  orchids available in bloom.  

Fender's Flora  - Mostly warmer growing orchids, predominantly cattleyas. Offer a wide choice of choice compact/miniature cattleya crosses suited to growing at home.

Mountain Orchids  - Located in Vermont, a good selection of intermediate to cooler growing orchids especially pleurothallids and selected dendrobiums. However, there is also a small, but choice, selection of other types of orchids.

Odom's Orchids  -Large choice of warmer growing orchids, such as vandas, oncidiums, and a huge selection of cattleyas. Will ship plants in sheath/bud in season or when available at no extra charge.

Orchid Enterprise  -A small boutique business with a select variety of orchids, many suitable for growing indoors in intermediate to warm conditions. Also specialize in orchids of South America for the connoisseur.

Orchid Inn- Sam Tsui is one of the foremost slipper orchid breeders and if you are looking for top quality crosses, look no further. He probably has the most extensive selection of paph rothschildianum hybrids for sale anywhere.

Piping Rock Orchids  - If you are a slipper orchid connoisseur(paphiopedilum, phragmipedium), you'll find an excellent selection of quality slipper orchid crosses, both species and hybrids. Also a number of African orchids (angraecum, aerangis) and bizarre bulbophyllums.

 orchids for sale
  Cattleya orchids for sale at the Japan Grand Prix in  Tokyo.

























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