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Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids!

Phalaenopsis,or moth orchids, are among the easiest orchids to care for and can be grown on a windowsill. Read on, to find out how to take care of your moth orchids and you'll have flowers to enjoy year after year.
phalaenopsis (moth) orchid
Phalaenopsis (moth) orchid

Phalaenopsis hybrid orchid

If you're just starting out with phalaenopsis orchids, here are our top five quick survival tips (for your orchids, that is):

1. Some like it hot--temperatures between 65(night) to 85 (day) are fine.

2. Keep your phals moist (not wet) at all times and repot annually.

3. Give them bright indirect light and try to maintain at least 50% humidity.

4. Feed with a blossom booster orchid food-more in summer, less in winter.

5. 55 degree nights for a few weeks in the fall will get your plants to flower.

Ready to learm more? Due to high demand, we've moved all our information on phalaenopsis to our new website on growing phalaenopsis orchids

You'll find detailed information and photos based on our first-hand experience growing these beautiful. orchids. We grew and bloomed the phalaenopsis  orchid shown to the left on a windowsill!  Learn more about this stunning phal orchid.  


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