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 When Your Orchids Arrive

OK, you've read our tips  on buying orchids online You've placed an order and your package of orchids has arrived! What do you do next?

 orchid box

phal orchid
The orchid show to the right is finally unwrapped. It is in good shape having traveled across the country in a dark box for several days. If it is dry, tamp the mix down to firm the plant and give it a good soaking. Place it in a slightly shady spot for a few days, before being moved to its final location. Watch it closely until it adjusts t your home.



Well the first thing to do is to get your package inside. Note the label on the box stating that your package is 'fragile' (or perishable) contains 'live orchid plants,' and should be protected from temperature extremes. All reputable dealers will have this, or similar wording on their orchid shipments.

orchid box open

Open the box carefully. Your orchid plants will usually have been carefully and individually wrapped in newspaper. Sometimes there will be additional packaging material to keep contents from moving around.


orchid box unpacked

Check the enclosed invoice carefully to make sure that everything you ordered is correctly listed and priced. If substitutions have been made this should be noted on the order. Most growers will not make substitutions prior to shipping before checking with you. Still, be sure to check all terms and conditions before you place your order.

orchid beigh unwrapped

Orchids are usually wrapped in wax confetti. Be VERY careful as you pull the confetti away from the orchid plant as it can get tangled in leaves, roots, and even flower spikes. Its very easy to damage to break flower spikes that get caught up in the wax so take your time. Eventually your orchid will emerge! This is a young phalaenopsis. The tape keeps the mix in the pot during shipping and should be removed.














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