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 Seasonal Orchid Care

 Odontocidium Orchid
  Bllra. 'Smile Eri'  is a
  surprisingly warmth-tolerant oncidium intergeneric that blooms profusely.


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Like many plants, orchids have a cyclical growth pattern that varies according to season.

Most orchids that we grow as exotic houseplants come from tropical regions without four distinct seasons as we know then: spring, summer, fall, winter. Furthermore, the closer you get to the equator, the more balanced day and night length is.

However, there are still seasonal changes that affect orchids such as wet and dry seasons that often correspond with warmer or cooler periods. Orchids also grow in many different environments and elevations. A lowland tropical orchid growing along a river will not survive a thousand feet or higher, where cooler orchids may thrive. Some orchids grow on rocky outcrops in shade, while a hundred metres away another type, might only survive in the shady damp crevice of tree.

While understanding an orchid's native environment is a big help in growing it well, especially with some of the more finicky types, most orchids that are grown as houseplant will adapt to our seasons, responding to warmer temperatures and light by growing actively, and resting or blooming in cooler drier weather. Working with the weather, and the changing seasons, will help you enable your orchids to thrive, and flower.


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