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 Potinara Hoku Gem

Potinara(cattleya) Hoku Gem
Potinara Hoku Gem 'Super Spots'

Potinara hoku gem flowers
Flowers open peach and change to yellow as they mature!


Potinara Hoku Gem (Slc. Tangerine Jewel x Bl. Richard Mueller) is truly a perfect compact cattleya  for the home hobbyist. A resilient and rapidly growing plant, it rewards the grower with spotted yellow blooms several times a year, on multiple growths.

It can begin blooming in a 2" pot and if given space, can grow to about 8" tall. It can also be maintained in a smaller pot by dividing, where it will continue to blooms quite happily. The plant pictured is grown in a 2.5" deep rose pot.

This orchid thrives in full bright light, even some dappled sunlight,  and like to dry out slightly between watering. Fertilize it three times a month with an orchid plant food during the warmer months and less frequently in winter. Though these orchids do fine with drier air than most other orchids, try to provide at least 50% humidity. Night time temperatures of around 60 with daytime summer highs of 80 should suit them fine.

The plants can flower anytime during the year, producing starry-shaped blooms that open coral-pink and then fade to bright yellow over time, as shown in the  photo to the left. Be sure to keep cattleyas moist when they are in bud or bloom. This is an easy and satisfying cattleya hybrid to grow.

Potting Mix. Any free draining orchid mix will do. Small and medium fir bark, with some coarse perlite mixed in, should provide adequate drainage. Most dens like to be under potted so make sure the pots is just big enough to accommodate the roots comfortably.  Plastic pots will help conserve moisture-if you grow dens in clay pots you may need to water them more frequently. Repot every 12-18 months or whenever the potting mix begins to decay. Do not remove old canes/stems when you repot, unless they are completely dried and dead. 




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