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Orchids  make wonderful house plants if you know what types to grow . In this section we provide detailed growing instructions on some of the most popular types. Be sure
to read our section on basic orchid care first as the principles of orchid care remains
the same for all orchids.

 Cattleya orchid A compact laeliocattleya
hybrid in a 4" pot

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Cymbidium Chen's Ruby CYMBIDIUMS
Learn how to grow the 'new' cymbidiums that are more warmth-tolerant and often more compact that standard traditiona
Probably the most popular and among the most elegant of orchids. In fact we've devoted a separate website to growing phalaenopsis orchids.
Paphiopedilums are bizarre, yet beautiful. They have a colorful history and a dedicated following. Some of them are surprisingly easy to grow and they don't need very bright light.



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