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Where better than to view orchids that at an orchid or flower show? You'll se hundreds of different types of orchids in the most exotic displays in the following galleries. Join us as we take you on orchid tours  from Washington D.C. to Japan! Click on any of the links below to begin your tour.

NOTE: The links below will take you to an older section of our website that we are are slowly updating as time permits.

NCOS Orchid Show 2010

NCOS Orchid Shown 2009 ( on our blog)

Japan Grand Prix, 2001

NCOS Paph Forum, 2000 

Greater New York Orchid Show, 2000

1999 Eastern Orchid Congress

Paphs at the NCOS Show, 1999

The Japan Grand Prix, 1999

Greater New York Orchid Show, 1999

National Capital Orchid Society Show, 1998

Greater New York Orchid Show 1998

Philadelphia Flower and Garden Show, 1998


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