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Flowering your Orchids

Orchid can be made to flowers--if you know how. We'll teach you a  few secrets to getting your orchid plants to bloom reguarly.  

Paphiopedilum Winter' s Imp 'Emigrant' has shiny waxy
flowers that lasts more than a month. These types of slipper orchids are also known as British Bulldogs!

* Orchid flowers can last for up to six months in some cases(Dendrobium cuthbersonii) or only a day in others. Commonly available phalaenopsis can hold their flowers for three months, cymbidiums can last two months, and some cattlya hybrids, two to three weeks.

* In most case, orchids plants with short-lived flowers of a few days, tend to produce more of them, or flower more frequently than those with long lasting blooms.

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Keep in mind a few basic facts:

-Most orchids bloom once a year at about the same time. Once plants get bigger and have several growths, they will often bloom more than once a year. Many cattelya hybrids will also bloom twice a year and there are also a few types of orchids that may bloom intermittently throughout the year.  

-If you want flowers you have to grow healthy plants which means healthy roots. Blooming places a big burden on the plants so it needs to be able to provide enough energy and food to support flowering. Occasionally a dying orchid will bloom as its 'swan song' right before dying -- you sometimes see this with phalaenopsis.

If your plant is not healthy and is trying to flower, we suggest you remove the flower stalk as soon as it appears. Yes, this is tough, but would you rather have the orchid flower poorly and then die or rebuild its strength to grow and flower happily for years to come.

 If your healthy orchid plants still won't bloom, there are probably a few reasons why. Click on the licks below to learn more.


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